What Kind of Pets Will Pet Health Insurance Cover?

Perhaps you have recently realized that the cost of maintaining a healthy pet has skyrocketed. Not only veterinarian fees have increased but the tests they want to perform in order to diagnose your pet’s maladies have also multiplied. After all who heard of MRI’s and CAT scabs for household animals 10 years ago?

A pet health insurance plan can help you manage these costs especially if you are on a budget and do not have cash should your pet get really sick.

So where do you start? First you need to consider the types of pet health insurance available:

Accident Only
Accident and Illness
Wellness care
Senior Pets

Let’s start with the type of pet. Cat health insurance is usually cheaper than dogs for several reasons: cats usually live indoors and seldom go outside. They are generally healthier than dogs (don’t know why). They have a tendency not to get in trouble such as meaning eating foreign objects, choking or swallowing a bone, running after cars, etc. Could it be that cats are smarter?

Accident only. Not all companies offer accident only insurance but most policies will cover both accidents and illnesses. Accident only insurance tends to be cheaper and it will cover costs related to surgery.

Accident and illness. This is the most popular type of pet health insurance. Most policies (not all) will cover accidents the next day after approval, while other still have a waiting period. Illness coverage usually has a waiting period. The price of premiums depends on maximum dollar amount of coverage, deductibles etc.

Wellness care. This type of policy will cover accidents, illnesses and routing care such as vaccinations, annual check ups , spay/neuter, pregnancies etc. There might be exclusions on certain breeds and conditions so always check the fine print.

Senior Pets. Some companies have age limitations on pets ages but not all. If you shop around you will find companies that will insure your pet now matter the age. The only caveat is that they will not cover pre-existing conditions and your dog or cat may already have one. Nevertheless the policy will cover any new problems that may arise

Once you have an idea what category your pet falls into, you can start gathering facts that are required to get a free quote.