Pros and Cons of Pet Health Insurance

While pet health insurance is not as common as human health insurance, it is certainly gaining popularity due to the increasing costs of veterinarian care and the medical procedures that are now available to in the animal health industry.

So what are the Pros of pet health insurance?

Pet health insurance can save you a bundle if your pet needs surgery or treatment for a serious disease. For instance:

Cost of surgery due to injury ($1000 to $2000)
Cancer treatment ($5000)
MRI’s and CAT Scans (aproximately $1000)
Hospitalization (Prices vary widely but hospitalization is not cheap)

These are unexpected expenses that you may have to incur if you want to keep your pet alive. Many owners are often faced with choosing between a very expensive treatment or euthanasia and often are forced to put their pets to sleep because they can’t afford the cost of the treatments. If your pet is covered by health insurance, you could avoid life-or-money decisions like these.

By spending anywhere from $10 to $50 a month in premiums a large amount of these expenses will be covered by pet health insurance.

Veterinay care keeps getting more expensive.
Most policies will cover recovery costs if your pet gets lost.


On the downside, here are some points to consider before you buy pet health insurance:

- Insurance companies will not cover pre-existing conditions so it’s best to buy your policy before your cat or dog gets really sick
- Premiums increase as your pet gets older
- Most policies have a spending limit. Usually the limits are per incident, but in other cases the limits are per year

Not all pet health insurance companies offer the same value. In fact, deciding which plan you are going to sign up for could be a nightmare. Do your homework, read up about it as much as you can before you make a decision but if you are willing to do anything to keep your pet alive, pet health insurance might save you money in the long run.