How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Many people want to know how much pet insurance costs, and I am sure would like to do a price comparison and compare pet insurance companies before they commit to buy insurance for their pets. So the question comes up all over the Internet, in blogs, forums and some wiki websites.

The answer though is not an easy one. Pet insurance like most insurance have many variables that could make the price higher or lower.

First, let’s start with the company itself. If you decide to get a quote, and you try several companies, most likely you will get different premiums for the same pet, so the company you choose is definitely a factor in the price of your premiums.

Next is the type of animal. Are you insuring a dog or a cat? Cats are generally cheaper to insure due to several reasons. Cats are usually kept indoors so they are less likely to get into accidents. They are also less prone to disease and they seem to stay out of trouble better than dogs. Cat owners will tell you of course that cats are smarter, but we don’t want to go there do we?  The truth is that dogs are more impulsive and usually greedy when it comes to food and are more likely to ingest a foreign object or to get hit by a car because they ran after something on the street.

Another variable is breed. Regardless whether a cat or a dog, certain breeds are more prone to diseases. In fact there is a pet insurance company that will only provide accident insurance (no illness) for Chinese Shar-pei and Shar-pei cross-breeds.

Another factor that affects your premiums is location. Every time you want to get a quote from a pet insurance company, they will ask you for you zip code. This probably has to do with veterinary rates.

Age also plays a role on the cost of pet insurance. The older your pet, the higher the premiums. This doesn’t mean that pet insurance is not available for senior pets, in fact, many companies will still enroll your pet even if she is older than 8 years. This is why it pays to do a little research before jumping into pet insurance.

And last but not least, is the amount of coverage and the size of the deductible you choose. This can make a big difference on your monthly premium. For instance some companies will allow you to choose you premium from selected amounts. It could be $50, $100 or $200, and the percentage of the reimbursement which can range from 70% of the bill to 100%.

If you really want to know how much pet insurance costs, you need to visit the company’s websites and get free quotes. The information you will need is the zip code where you live, the age of your dog, the breed, whether it is a cat or a dog, male or female.

Visit for quotes and comparisons.