Thinking of Buying Pet Health Insurance?

Thinking of buying pet health insurance?

Pet Health Insurance is becoming more popular not only because health care prices are rising, but because many treatments and surgeries once reserved for humans are now being applied to our animal companions.

Pet health insurance is not something new. In the early eighties, Dr Jack Stevens DVM started Veterinarian Pet Insurance. The purpose of his endeavor was to prevent animals from being euthanized because of budget concerns. Even now, treating pets has become so expensive that euthanizing the animal is oftentimes the most economical solution.

When medical veterinarian treatments include radiation, MRI’s, surgery, physical therapy and cancer treatments, the cost of caring for a dog or cat can be staggering. Accidents can also play a part in the high expense of health care. A broken leg, swallowing a foreign object or other types of accidents can end up costing thousands of dollars. Just think: ten days of dialysis treatment can cost $12,000 and cancer treatment could be as much as $40,000.

Americans will spend about $9.4 billion this year on the health of their pets, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.

Unfortunately, many pet owners find out the hard way. Their dog or cat gets into an accident or get really sick and they are faced with the hard decision of either paying the high bills (which sometimes they can’t afford) or putting their pet to sleep.

Rather than waiting for something terrible to happen to your dog and ending up with a huge vet bill, why not think ahead and get some sort of health insurance and avoid the stress that may come when your animal gets sick.

Pet health insurance comes in many “flavors”. Before making that decision, it is best to talk to your vet and get an idea of what kind of coverage you are going to need.

As with other health insurance, pet health insurance is subject to premiums, deductibles and certain limits on the amount of coverage. Insuring certain breeds could be more costly because of genetic factors.

When doing research, try to find out about the company’s reputation and efficiency. The Internet is a great place to start. Look in forums for people’s reviews and personal experiences. is a good place to start. You will read opinions from people who have no vested interest in any particular company so you are more likely to learn the truth. Keep in mind that people are more likely to complain and express their disappointment with something than to praise. It is still a good place to get an idea of pet owners’ experiences with pet insurance.

When choosing an insurance companies find out about specific coverage and don’t forget drug coverage, dental treatment and recovery treatments such as physical therapy. Some insurance companies will even cover the costs involved if your pet gets lost or stolen.

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