What is Accident Only Pet Health Insurance?

If you are thinking of getting pet health insurance, deciding on which pet health insurance plan you are going to choose can be a nightmare.

So where do you start? Consider the types of pet health insurance available:

Accident Only
Accident and Illness
Wellness care
Senior Pets

So what does accident pet health insurance cover?

Let’s say you pet gets in trouble. Things such as your puppy eating a sock or even worse, he runs out on the street and gets hit by a car. Let’s take a look at what insurance companies call accidents covered by their policies:

-Foreign Body Ingestion
An ingested foreign body needs to be surgically removed.

-Motor Vehicle Accident
Medical treatment for injuries resulting from any form of motor vehicle accident.

-Bone Fractures
Fractures not caused by a motor vehicle accident

-Allergic Reaction to Insect Bites/Stings


Accident only pet health insurance also tends to be more affordable than other plans. And if you have a fairly healthy pet, it might be a good idea to get accident only insurance. This usually includes paying of fees to find pet if lost and euthanasia.

Some companies offer accident only coverage while others will add illness coverage to the policy. These tend to be the least expensive policies.

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